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We aim to have a variety of vendors for out visitors to browse-we only have a limited space at the event so please be sure to reach out now!

Simply fill in the form below.

Each vendor table costs a flat $200.00

This flat fee includes:

  • 1 table 2' or 2' 5" x 8' and 2 chairs 

  • Your advertisement in the vendor section of your booth at Albuquerque Brick Convention event

  • Ability to sell at Albuquerque Brick Convention LLC 

Rules include:

  • Vendor Tables are non-refundable.

  • Vendors are required to sell their products solely on the tables allocated by the Albuquerque Brick Convention. It is imperative that vendors adhere to using only the assigned table space.

  • Vendors must sell LEGO or LEGO related items.

  • If you do not sell LEGO related items, please contact me for sponsorship opportunities. 

  • "Sharing" of vendor space or table is prohibited.

  • ALL trash must be put away by each vendor after each day.

  • Vendors are responsible for the removal of all decorations and trash within their area of use. Trash will be placed in the dumpster provided.

  • Driving and/or parking is not permitted on any area of the concrete surrounding the building. Renters, guests, and vendors may park only in the designated parking areas.

  • Open flames are not permitted on facility grounds such as candles and lanterns

  • The use of tape, glues, nails, pins, helium balloons (Sid Cutter Only), confetti, glitter, fake flower petals, water beads, fog/rain/snow machines, sand, or rice is NOT permitted.

  •  Hanging items from the fire suppression system is not allowed.

  • The facility will be open at 9:00 am the day of the event.

Vendor Registration

Click here to download

Thanks for registering!

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