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Q.   Do I have to pay for each MOC I want to display?

A.   No. You pay one time; you may bring only one MOC or fifty you just have to register each MOC you bring.   This way I         know how much table space will be needed for each theme. 

Q.   Is there a size limit for a display and do I have to pay extra.

A.   No. I need to know how big your display is, and how may table you will need, how you need them laid out please                   be pacific.   A detailed drawing would be nice to.   I have to submit my drawing to the fire marshal and get approval.

Q.   Do I need to pay to show my MOC's

A.   Yes, Score special swag and VIP perks with your epic goody bag!

Q.   How do I register for the event?

A.   Click on AFOL Reg. Then pick either VIB Master Pass or VIB Pass. Click on "Join us" and fill out the form then click on            "go to check out".



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